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What makes us different?

We care about your health (and ours too!), so we pay particular attention to quality controls, in order to offer you genuine season products, with a registered designation of origin, for a high-quality food experience.
The dough is made with four different GMO FREE flours and extra virgin olive oil. The secret is in the preparation, which is a 72-hour natural slow leavening time, resulting in a light and EASY TO DIGEST dough.

It also contains much less oil and more water than the traditional pizza, with a lower caloric value. For all this reasons, our products are not only tasty but also HYPOLIPIDEMIC, HYPOCALORIC and EASY TO DIGEST. Any time is a good time for a healthy, delicious break!

Unique ingredients

Rice flour: keeps the water in the dough during baking, so to obtain a product which is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside (literally melting in your mouth).

Soy flour:
100% vegetable, it makes the dough crunchy and crumbly.

Dehydrated sourdough:
gives our products a natural, classic and unique taste.

High-quality soft wheat flour:
perfect for slow natural leavening, with a highly hydrated dough.

Corn flour:
rich in oils against cholesterol, it’s gluten free.

We use only 100% extra virgin olive oil and only 100% italian tomatoes cultivated and hand-woven in Italy. Their quality is ensured following the UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 standards and the basic requirements regarding the International Featured Standard Food.

All our products are made with GMO FREE ingredients.